go go power ranger

a lone green ranger rests on a starfish sitting on a wooden pole.

underneath is a black axe powdered with ashes from kama sutra and some flaming dragons from the himalayas. there’s a pit of bottled solutions, metal secret compartments, and some small black almost invisible creatures seeking refuge on the solid surfaces.

patterns of animated smoke coming underneath the starfish seem to entertain the lone ranger.

his immobile state gives him the ability to scan, assess, evaluate and perhaps record all the movements around him. there’s the occasional rush of running water from metal river pipes, there’s the sporadic chatter and laughter from the humans, there’s the multiplication of images from the mirrors, and there’s the constant evolution of that myriad of smelly mists floating around the atmosphere.

the green ranger sits with his helmet on. he is also wearing his ranger suit and ranger boots.

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