3.14 x 8 turned sideways

i called you a holiday; a vacation that gets me high and excited.

i changed my mind.

forget it.

you’re no holiday. you’re no vacation.

to me, you are home.

thoughts of your presence make the 8 hour day job plus 4 hours of public transportation travel a breeze.

anticipation of your embrace calms the weary heart and soothes the fatigued soul.

the arms of your affection make me feel safe and secure.

thank you for welcoming me and making me feel accepted.

thank you for being that home that gives a warm, fuzzy feeling.

thank you for inspiring me and helping me along the way to accomplish my goals.

always remember that you have a heart that is brave and will always inspire people.

when i say i love you, i mean that i love everything about you- your body, your mind, your soul. i love every bit of cell in your being. i love and i embrace anything, even your demons, your apprehensions, your past, your present and your future. i love you and i am highly honored and grateful to have you.

i feel blessed because with you, it's not just a relationship. it's a commitment. that’s what makes whatever we share special. i am glad that with you, i chose to commit.

today marks the 10th month when i first received your essay. the essay that made my heart skip a beat.

this is not a monthly celebration of any sort.
this is a reminder of what i celebrate everyday- you.

i celebrate whatever we share together. i celebrate each day that i get to spend life with you.

i love you, robotiger.

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