slashes you get when you french kiss an acetone with an empty stomach

last night i dreamt about my four models being abducted by robots with psychic powers. it was stressful as i struggled to still pursue our shoot despite the robots’ interference. //

when i wake up earlier this morning, rain has already polished the dirty streets of our neighborhood. it looks clean and shiny outside. raindrops woke me up as they knock on my bedroom window like arrows from the sky. //

i was thirsty but we have no drinking water available anywhere in the house. //
inside my mouth are 99,000 different kinds of pain. //


burning, itching and more random burning sensation prevents me from talking. the hell in my mouth keeps me from speaking ill against the guy wearing a shirt that screams: house of worship.//

the creaking sound of the rust-filled spinning roof vent suddenly creates music that calms my nerves. i wish we have those in our apartment.//

sometimes, we tend to feel lonely whenever a specific person we expect to be there at that specific moment and place is not present. this can happen even if you’re with the presence of a sea of people that you brand as friends. therefore, expectations trigger loneliness?//

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