mush in a cup

the noodles are actually made from the enchanted hair strands of that lady who was cursed to eternal sleep and that explains its lethargic effects on the consumer.

the after effect gives you that looming cloud of the feeling of betrayal. a cumulonimbus cloud formed from the evaporation of high expectations of borrowed energy throughout the day.

the blonde strands you eat in the morning with all the homogenized and preserved pseudo veggies and meat contains an additive that can trigger a kind of addiction to your brain. addiction to false hopes; you feel high then you expect high then you feel exceptionally low and sleepy. your body will not cease to move, but everything else falls under the same spell of eternal sleep slowly. first your creativity falls to slumber, then your logic succumbs to hibernation, your senses shifts to sleep mode, your brain functions in slowmo, then your heart beats softer every second.

there is a well known remedy though. a panacea that has long been embedded in the psyche of everyone who has experienced a childhood with the tales of princesses, of kingdoms, of witches, of fairy tales and of stories of kingdoms from far away.

yes, a true love’s kiss.

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Unknown said...


True love's kiss pala eh.

Kaya ba ang sipag mo mag post ulit, Bulitz?



Muahness from Pasig Cirehhh!

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