five to four and still spacing out



off ice. working like

a zombie. a mecha. a japanese mecha running low on batteries.

like a weak ultra man. like a weak japanese ultra man with a blinking red warning light on his chest.

working like.

the mind weaves, creates and directs its own shorts amidst the smog and the clouds loitering around the avenues of the subconscious.

shorts scenario no 1: a black hobo asking me questions about existence and why do i keep lingering on unhappy crevices where i can be free

shorts scenario no 2: me floating in the air throwing an army of shuriken down on my targets: the clones of the self righteous blame-it all on the smellville wonderland ruled by the boss lightyear.

shorts scenario no 3: finding myself in a middle of a classroom with popular and not so popular singers. prepping for a sing and dance number shit and then later realizing the absurdity of the situation and then then being aware of the daydream world.

shorts scenario no 4: a major production and shipment mistake occurred and the whole company of giants running the show swallowed you whole like giant waves, no, like giant whales with no eyes and teeth.

shorts program no 5: sade’s music was immediately replaced by kanye’s blame game on the background while replying to emails, answering phone calls, making orders and scanning 50 pages of documents while imagining a soviet kind of marriage.
coffee cleared some fog. a postcard from korea lifted my spirit a notch.
a photobooth picture painted a huge smile on my heart- a smile hidden from the view of the

judging world.
somehow the scenario changes after the coffee mixed with the warm feeling of positive energies replaced the dark, murky aura of the people in the (work)place. these are the creatures who like to call on the name of god “my god” “my god” (repeat 100x) in vain whenever they feel the need to rant and blame.
“my gaaahhhhhd” says the blaminator. “my gaahhhd” says the negatron.
a wave of wishful thinking occurred.
i see a friend as a free man. free in many levels. free from repression and oppression as opposed to being abducted and detained by the forces of the ruling government because of their movement to expose the other sides of the yellow ruling class.
i see a liberated self, travelling, flying in countries, and doing the work that provides growth to the heart and mind: capturing souls in the frames of his camera and then sharing multitude of stories through them.
will leave
in a
few minutes
see you tomorrow.

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