aunt june's mobile trading

aunt june will be retiring soon. a couple of years ago, she told me about her ira account. she asked for help in planning about her retirement money. she already computed the sum adequate to pay for retirement home. then, i had to practically sell to her the idea of travelling. i’m glad i won. much to our surprise, there was still a lot of money left. she does not have any intention of going to a lot of places. a trip to paris and venice was enough for her. so, i told her about stock trading. being a technophobe, she immediately cut me off when i suggested hiring an online broker. she said she does not like some stranger to take her money; much more put it up on the internet and get lost in online trading oblivion. then it hit me: why not re-introduce her first to the internet? it was difficult at first, but when she got the hang of it, she started to do her banking and bills payment online! still a month to go before her retirement, she asked me to take her shopping for a new cellphone. she said she was going to give the stocks a try through mobile trading. whoever said you can’t teach the old ones new tricks has yet to meet my aunt.

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