hacked and back

hello dear reader.

few months ago i began campaigning for you to visit the facebook fan page of my photography portfolio graphics metropolis. for a few months, it gained more than a thousand fans. but then one day, an anonymous hacker removed my admin rights and started posting random shits on my page.

anyway, although it took me time to have the drive to create a new one,i was able manage to set-up another one.

if you're on facebook, you may visit the new page at this url: if you experience any page not found error, just keep pressing f5 or do the refresh button exercise. :D (facebook seems to be working on a few bugs in their recently revamped fan pages)

my deepest gratitude to all of you who would take time to visit.

to the 1,700++fans on less than 2 weeks, thank you very much!

all the best,


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