throw ups

i don’t mind if mister bb has this fetish about throwing things that bores him. he can throw away whatever he wants anytime he wants. it’s his life anyway. what sucks is when he starts to get crazy mad looking for the already lost things that he has tossed to the baskets of oblivion. once he realized the worth of the things lost, he will bother the shit out of every living soul in the room until acceptance kicks in so that he can move forward on his track. and this moving forward activity usually takes him a week at the minimum.


Unknown said...

It's either he needs to get a life, some priorities, or a mammoth cock to fuck him in the ass. That dick has issues. Tell it to his face.

Cheers Bulitz! Muahness from Pasig Citehh!

bulitas said...


the mammoth cock cracked me up

hello to teh fab momelia of pasig!

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