catching bus 734 at 733

to walk to the street corner where shattered pieces of glass carpeted the pavement.

to inhale the collective morning smog of the vehicles on the road.

to bask in the remote heat of the sun's bright embrace.

to paint mandatory smiles to jumpstart the day.

to keep walking despite the distance , to move forward, to exercise the dormant muscles.

to be thankful in silence; inner silence hatched in the midst of the city's daily chaos.

to gather and organize thoughts drowned in the sea of second hand cigarette smoke.

to swallow uninvited images of breasts, asses, pussies, dicks and bare body parts seemingly covered in clothes of different shapes, colors and sizes.

to accept the public transport's tardiness, or earlier arrival, that in either case you have no control of.

to accept that every morning the bus driver is the god and that you're just a pawn.

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