random building lights started flickering like crazy since last week. flashes rule the building- paparazzi flashes, lightning flashes, ceiling light flashes. these create a surreal discotheque-horror house fiasco atmosphere especially on the narrow corridors that leads to numerous empty rooms.

everybody seems to be a little bit overdosed with oblivion that nobody pays any attention to the party of flashing lights. this could soon lead to the dimming not only of the rooms, but also of the wits of all the people bathing under the flashing flickering lights.


Unknown said...

I got myself messed up with all that talk of lights that I remember this recent Christmas Party. It was banging and noisy and was just about the perfect place for an epileptic fit.

How's the Sponsored Posts doing? Cheers, Bulitz! Muahness from Pasig Citehh!

bulitas said...

fuhreals? haha

hullo momel,

you never failed to amuse me LOL

sponsored posts are fail!
i wasn't able to do any and i've got piles of them now. been really busy and preoccupied lately.


happy holidays!

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