solution to chelsea's academic dilemma

chelsea is a friend who has been debating with herself for years whether she would pursue higher education or not. she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in communication arts major in writing and up to now, she still can’t decide which path she really wants to take on the course of her academic career.

as a friend who was also under the same dilemma as her a few years back, i advised her to do research. to check academic publications which can be readily available online like the chronicle, to find inspiration and sparks of ideas that could help her on her decision making activities.

i always tell her the overly used, overrated cliché- if there’s a will, there’s a way. there’s always a way even if time and other matters hold her back. i told her she can try her luck looking and applying to online universities.

the emergence of these schools provides avenues of opportunities to people like chelsea who juggles lots of responsibilities at her hands. i told her about walden university and how i stumbled upon it online. the range of the degree course they offer could definitely help her in her long time dilemma. through their comprehensive, easy to use site, chelsea can easily discern which path to choose in pursuing her higher education endeavors.

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