Wii for Me!

Guest post written by Jim Seltzer

Yesterday was my 73rd birthday, and my daughter’s family came by the house to spend the day with my wife and me. It was great to have everyone together under the same roof for my big day.
My daughter and my son-in-law were far too good to me. They brought takeout from my favorite Italian restaurant, and my daughter used my wife’s old recipe to make my favorite kind of coconut cake.

The grandkids came following my daughter in the door with a decorated gift bag, as the family hadn’t done enough for me already.

After dinner they insisted that I open it, so I took a peek inside the bag. To my great surprise, it was a Nintendo Wii that I had seen on television. My family told me about how it wasn’t just for kids, and how it could be a fun way to keep sharp during the days that I planned to stay in.

How thoughtful! I’m so glad I bought those hearing aids after visiting HearingAids.Miracle-Ear so I can fully enjoy this thing. I can’t believe how good my family is to me.

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