new logs for the new fireplace

my friend up north, erald, asked me if we own a fireplace. i said no. the weather here doesn’t get too cold. yes, it can be really cold but it is tolerable and can be managed by thick sheets and other heat generating activities so there’s no need for a fireplace with gas logs.

he was telling me stories about their new house and the majestic looking fireplace that they have. “it looks like one of those fireplaces you see in castles and in mansions on movies.” he said with excitement.

“it looks great, but we don’t know if it can still function. we can never tell unless we find some great fireplace gas logs out there.”

during our conversation, i was able to mention r. h. peterson real fyre gas logs to him.

“it’s a great place where you can check out a wide variety of fire place logs.” i told him.

i stumbled upon the site as i was browsing over some research regarding logs and various types of gas logs.

the r.h. peterson gas logs website happens to be an easy to navigate site where you can find ventless gas logs, outoor gas logs, and other varieties of gas logs that you will suit your needs. they actually offer some of the lowest prices of gas logs in the market. and boy, look at this, they have been selling as logs in the www since 1994. how about that? these guys sounds like real pros in my opinion.

erald said he and his family have looked at the site and found it reliable and accessible. now, his family is considering buying various gas logs for their new fireplace. perfect timing to plan before the full blow of winter kicks in.

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