plant whisperer

to wake up in the morning and stare at garden window boxes with all of her favorite plants has been stacey’s daily ritual since her past boyfriend told her out of the blue that he didn’t love her at all. stacey has been dealing with things positively. she told me how planting roses and sunflowers and other colorful flowering plants at her garden window boxes has helped her to move forward and face each day with hope and optimism.

whenever i sleep over her place, i would always find her each morning by the window plant boxes talking and sometimes singing to her plants. sometimes, i also hear her reciting poems and reading chapters of novels to the flowers. she do those things because she believes that the plants, with their ability to exhale oxygen to the air, can somehow transmit her words, her songs, her poetry, and her prose to the air that can travel all around the planet. she do those things because somewhere, deep inside her heart, she believes that the air will carry her messages to her past beloved. secretly, she is still hoping that her ex who just dropped her out of the blue will hear the whispers of her heart.

so that’s how window boxes and plants help stacey cope up with the wounds of her heart.

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