fall at 8:09

as the desert fog eats the valley sun, the crumbled walls of the spirit and the crushed defenses of the heart slowly comes back to pieces as if the kisses of the morning dew and the embrace of the air of the approaching fall is repairing what was broken.

the downtown steam, reminiscent of the heat that initiated the kiss that stripped the body and the spirit from its guard, frowned at these events.

heat will fade soon. anger will diffuse in the air.

as the full moon rises, things that have fallen apart will slowly resurrect into something better, something stronger.


Kane said...


Is this for you?

I also like to think of the passing seasons as metaphors for the cycle of human life. There's a time for birth, destructuction, and rebirth.


VICTOR said...

Beautiful proem. Nice photo. :)

Unknown said...

It is the necessary cycle of things, I think. Order to chaos, chaos to order. It's probably just about making this work for us, to our advantage and/or betterment.

Have a good one, Irvin.

bulitas said...

hi kane!
yes, i wrote this to remind me of something important, and also i wrote this to partly tell somebody that seasons do change. :D

hi victor! thanks! i love the subjects of that photo :D

hello ie!
true. true.



TDB said...

rhyme bud! umaariba pa din blog mo ah! apir!

nga pala, i launched an advocacy called Project Headshot: R.A.W. sana mabisita mo naman sa blog ko and hopefully makasali ka din! details are on my blog! salamat!! =)

Pinaywriter said...

new blog accidentally deleted old one ^_^

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