there is hope in debt

debt settlement has always been an issue to amy’s household. from what i’ve heard, there were lots of debt negotiation happened years ago that still continues till now. amy and her family are our next door neighbors and my family has been bothered by the random visits from random people knocking hard on their door. we suspect that those people usually in a la men in black costumes are somewhat connected to their debts.

one day, as i chanced upon amy walking fast down the staircase, i immediately told her about debt relief and how it can possibly save her from her dilemmas. she smiled and said that she would consider going to any debt relief programs out there.

amy and her family used to have lots of business. her family of five would always be proud about their businesses and how those endeavors have made them richer every minute. everybody around the neighborhood were pretty impressed until one day, amy came crashing to our house crying. she confessed all the stuff about her debts and failed business deals. as a neighbor and friend, i comforted her and since then i have been finding ways to help her in her situation.

thanks to the existence of online debt counseling and debt relief programs, now at least there is a glimmer of hope to amy and her family.

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