miss u

will watch the live broadcast of the miss universe via nbc later. miss philippines, you better win this fight.

i will not discuss here the benefits and the disadvantages of the collective national pride brought by this pageant to filipinos. maybe sometime, but not today.


i’m not supposed to feel this and it doesn’t matter a bit if you don’t give a fuckin damn, but yeah, i miss you.

my heart palpitates with the sounds and beats of a thousand war drums.
never felt anything like this before. it’s like i’m about to get a fucking heart attack.


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Unknown said...

First off, I understand why most gay blogs are profuse with posts that are perspiring beauty pageants. Like they say, The Miss Universe pageant is our Gay Superbowl, our PBA Finals, our NFL Championships; it's all that if we were straight.

And it's the perfect segue to a heartbreaking "I Miss U" post. Perfect employ, Bulitas, just perfect.

Now, he knows you blog, right?

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