on a blank bed with gray sheets, i found myself lying next to you.

i embraced you to blanket you from the cold and to keep myself warm. i embraced you because i wanted to. though repressed with hesitations, i still planted a kiss on your cheek. you replied with a faint smile.

i reeled my head away but you chased me with your kiss. passionate.

passionate just like how i remember it.
or how my mind and my heart remembered it. it's all foggy right now, you know.

your kiss sparked the heat. you are trying to revive the bonfire from the embers of our tamed flames. my body responded to the familiar sensations. i succumbed. mind and heart is still weak and broken.

it's like making love, only this time, love seems to have already escaped to many places.

dad came to the room. you stood up, greeted him. exchanged jokes.
you were naked.

i tried to pull you back the gray bed but your head turned away.
i woke up.

back to what i believe was the actual reality, i was tempted to sms you about the dream but it was painful; more motherfuckin painful than admitting the fact that my mind plays tricks on me again.

beyonce sings about sweet dreams and beautiful nightmares. I dream about something like that. something in between. the more appropriate soundtrack is the verve's bittersweet symphony. i write this because i still don't have the courage to tell you anything at all. body,mind and soul screams weakness. i hope thoughts like these would stop haunting me. i know this will take time but i would appreciate if it will disappear the soonest.

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