loan alternative for mamita

when mamita opened up to the family her plans of applying for another loan, she immediately faced a battalion of eyebrows raised to her face. “another loan mamita? oh please.” said auntie clarissa who was the most concerned family member about mamita’s finances.

the rest of the family firmly believes that there must be some other ways to help mamita with her financial maladies aside from getting a loan. tita victoria suggested credit counseling and debt consolidation to mamita. auntie clarissa backed tita victoria and explained the ins and outs of debt consolidation to their mother.

tita victoria said that debt consolidation consolidates people’s unsecured debt in one low monthly payment. this can be helpful for mamita who is already under the influence of the inevitable tolls of old age. at her age of 85, it will never be practical for her to get more work. her attention span, together with her memory was diminished and her physical strength has long escaped her body.

the one big reason why mamita was oh so eager to get another loan was to build another house for the younger generations of her other husband’s family. you can’t blame her. mamita was born with a heart so big it can house 10 dodger stadium and 5 rose bowls inside it. since papang’s death, her first husband, mamita has built and established homes for the poor and has been supporting all the family members up to the youngest generations. we support her in this endeavor. we just don’t want her to fall on the pits of debt from loans.

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