golden lessons from tito boy

in this era when the skies are looming with clouds of financial unstability and economic despair, i still can’t help but think of the treasures that we could have accumulated if only tito boy had pursued digging our backyard at the province. the glowing guy in a white suit riding a white horse in his dream told him about the heaps of treasures located underneath our backyard soil. there could have been diamonds, crystals, gold and what other treasures you might think lying in there.

considering the price of gold these days, the thought of finding a gold spot brings an inevitable jolt of excitement to the spirit. add to that the fact that we could have spot gold that is pure. something that is untainted and unadulterated that could compete to the wide range of gold prices in the market out there.

but even if we discuss how high the gold price is and how valuable can the rest of the treasures be, it is futile. tito boy claimed that he ordered to stop the diggings to save our lives. he was afraid that the spirits guarding the treasures might trade lives in exchange with the treasures. he is superstitious like that. he says he just respects the supernatural and the other forces that could grant mortals grand feats.

he told us that if we want gold and treasures, we can get them in some other ways if we live a smart life lead by goals and aspirations.

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