Another Trip to the North

Guest blog post from Alex Mosley

There is always less tension involved when a security system from is set and you set off for a much needed vacation. Once again I am heading north. This time with my mind at ease, because my home is well protected, New Brunswick Canada is the destination.

Just across the Calais crossing in eastern Maine lies New Brunswick. Getting to Deer Island is easy. Just bring your car onto the ferry, watch the beautiful sights and soon you are on Deer Island. From this quiet island, the ferries heading to Nova Scotia can be seen at night. They are lit up and make one yearn to go to Nova Scotia. Perhaps one day that will be my area for a vacation.

The Canadian dollar is almost par with the U.S. dollar but the vacation is still reasonably priced. I could not recommend New Brunswick more. Campobello Island within the boundaries of New Brunswick was the home of FDR and it is a nice island to visit.

Once can spend every summer, spring or fall going north to Maine or New Brunswick. They are beautiful places that make you sad to leave when it is time to head home.

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