Graduate Classes Online

Thanks to Gretchen Miller for the guest post

Online college classes have been very valuable to me. During my graduate program, I had three small children and there was not any family support available to me. Thus, my options were extremely limited. Child care was too expensive, and I was in a new town. Many people use family and friends; however, neither of these were feasible for my situation.

I decided to try and find satalite internet in Michigan so that I could take an online class in my more rural area. I first looked up hughesnet pricing on, and found a great deal that was exactly what I needed. In my little apartment, the satellite internet connection made it possible for me to take classes online. My first class online was a finance class. The instructor had a very detailed syllabus, and class room interaction was good. Although I was not in a physical class, the instructor made every effort to keep us connected. Discussions online took place several times per week. In addition, I still had flexibility. This was important because of my children. I could choose times that were convenient for me.

Once the children were sleeping, I could log onto the online class. Assignments were posted; thus, I had a clear idea of what was expected. The instructor was good about responding quickly; therefore, my questions were answered promptly. Without the option of online classes, I would not have been able to pursue my college degree. I ended up doing very well in my finance class. The internet afforded me an opportunity to better my family's life. After two years, I graduated with a master's degree in management. I took 90% of my classes via online courses.

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