susie saves

susie, a dear friend from tunisia, bought a couple of phone cards the other day to communicate with her boyfriend in tunisia. unfortunately, the boyfriend’s business meetings robbed her of the chance to use any of her phone cards. when she tried using it with her friends to other countries, it does not work. either it says insufficient balance or service not available to that country. poor susie, she bought the phone cards at their full retail price.

one day i told her, “honey, that is not smart buying! you need to get your radar on for coupons and discounts!”

discount codes, promo codes and money saving tips are all scattered around if you just know where and how to look. on the internet, you find lots of deals to make the most of your moolah. dell promo codes, hp coupon codes, home depot coupon codes and other promo coupons are all over the internet for the smart shopper you.

when i told susie about the prevalence of discount and promo coupons online, she was thrilled promised herself to know the deals of the bargain before buying phone cards that she may not be able to use.

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