the lady gagita and haronce make-over

just got this from my facebook feed.
remember the stars of the viral, campy, and creative video parody of lady gaga and beyonce's telephone?

here they are now, featured on a major broadsheet, looking very much like the popstars they are portraying in the original music video.

yes, ladies and gentlemen, below are lady gagita and haronce for the win.

lady gagita as lady gaga

haronce as beyonce

their looks and styling were made possible by this team of artists:

photography by niccolo cosme
styling by matt gozun
makeup by jake galvez (
hair by buern rodriguez of tony galvez salon for l’oreal professionel
headpiece and rubber dress by nixon marquez & chi kotur of mono (
special thanks to mervin lazaro

*photos are lifted from the make-up artist's facebook page. 

*photos and write up are also featured on manila bulletin:


Unknown said...

Wowwww! Thank you for sharing this! :) Kudos to the people behind the "makeover".

Arvin Ballesteros said...

holy shit! for real? swerte! w/ niccolo cosme pa! iba eh! :)

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