beware: piranhas in 3d

not all movies will look good in 3d. not all movies in 3d can provide the audience that heightened sensual treat that can take them to a new level of experience. 3d is supposed to make the movie more awesome, but when applied to some films, it inevitably drags the viewing experience downhill.

notice how some movies seem to have been produced in 3d by force. many of them obviously fall short in quality after their 3d rendition. there is an obvious compromise of quality over the aesthetic value and the cinematic edge that 3d movies are supposed to offer. this makes me wonder if the rampant production of 3d movies is just a lame and subtle excuse from moviemakers to milk more money from the moviegoers.

i loved avatar in i max 3d. i hated alice in wonderland in 3d. i got dizzy wearing 3d glasses during the portkey travel of harry and dumbledore in the half blood prince.

most 3d glasses that i’ve worn so far makes the movie appear darker. it was made in standard size, without minding the various facial shapes, sizes and features of people. the fancy 3d glasses commands you to look straight at the screen. looking sideways changes the contrast, and can make you dizzy. if only cinema owners can provide better glasses, and if only moviemakers can produce a great material boosted by 3d’s supposed to be exceptional visuals, each movie watching experience on the cinemas could have been so much better.

and speaking of 3d films, i found a trailer of the new piranha movie in 3d at

this one’s a remake of the 1978 and 1995 films of the same title.

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