420 blues

early this morning i accidentally changed my phone theme to blue. not really a big deal since blue used to be my favorite color when i was younger and was obsessed watching mecha and super sentai series (bioman, maskman, power rangers) on tv. whenever i role play as a super sentai with my playmates, i always play the character clothed with the blue costume (blue ranger, blue three, blue mask). the blue is the calm one among the boys. the blue one is always the smart one. not necessarily geeky but obviously smart in many ways. unlike the red character stereotyped as the impulsive leader or the black as the aggressive macho person, the blue is somewhere in the middle, equally equipped with powers and weapons but is obviously smarter. ***
on my morning bus trip to work, a blue-eyed guy wearing a pale blue fleece jacket paired with tattered dark blue jeans sat on the seat adjacent to mine. as drowsiness slowly punched my eyes to sleep, i saw how his piercing blue eyes tried to trespass and connect to mine but failed upon my temporary resignation to the sensory rape of all the noise and the not so pleasant scents in the bus.

in my dream i saw myself floating and sandwiched between the sea and the clear azure skies.
it was goddamn relaxing as i sail in the morning to the lullabies and the hymns of norah jones and rachael yamagata. it was a great escape to the usual morning abuse of the senses. everything seemed perfect but until all the pleasurable connections from the dreamworld was cut short by the landing of the huge white hand on my right thigh. the blue-eyed guy wearing a pale blue fleece jacket paired with tattered dark blue jeans in gray beanie smiled and snatched me out my alternate reality just in time for my stop.

the day was bland, not so productive and pales in comparison with all the other more productive days that i’ve experienced so far. office day was as colorless and as tasteless as the microwaveable chicken alfredo pasta that i had for lunch.

my foot ached and became blue the moment i had the opportunity to check it after a heavyweight nurse in blue scrubs with matching blue shoes stepped two elephant-like steps on my foot.

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