the 14344 address plaque

it took obsessive compulsive tess more than ten years to spot a house with the mushiest set of numbers a house number can get- 14344 (i love you very much). she rounded numerous cities, hired tens of real estate agents, and scouted residential areas around the country in order to own those set of address numbers.

after the house was built, she kept ranting about how she wanted the perfect address plaque at her gate. since she wanted to boast the numbers 14344 to anyone who may pass in front of their grand mansion, she wanted a really visible, large address sign. tess wanted people to know how much she loves her long-time boyfriend abroad.

after more than ten years of not seeing each other tess wanted the boyfriend’s first arrival to their mansion to be grand. a visible address plaque bearing the numbers 14344 is just one from her series of surprises.

with the help of, tess was able to pick from a wide variety of address plaques of different sizes, styles, and colors. tess told me how she was totally satisfied after she found the perfect address plaque for their gate. they can’t wait till the day when her beloved will be greeted by the symbols of their immaculate love as he enters their mansion.

the boyfriend is a field engineer from the deserts of arabia who seldom contacts his girlfriend because (according to him) of tight work schedules. after more than ten years and after learning that tess have built a mansion with the perfect address plaque to commemorate their love, the boyfriend finally decided to come home.

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