someone prays for a part of his soul that cannot be trusted.
may it be touched with the hands of a soul filled with faith.

let us pray for the unnamed souls wandering the earth, wondering when they will meet justice in the face.
may someone help them find justice by recognizing and blessing them with their names.

somebody prays for a part of his soul that longs to be wanted.
may that soul let go of the feeling and learn to live by the day without any expectations.

let us pray for those whose souls find pleasure in causing damage to others. that includes those who trick others for money, and those who ruin lives by their selfishness.
may they find their respective places in hell, asap.


k. said...

i find the blog very unnatural. wtf. haha sorry. haha
oc much = soul is our MIND, our consciousness. SPIRIT yung mga pagala-gala, yung nasa katawan natin. :) and "souls" don't learn to live day by day. haha
and lastly, you don't pray for the bad of "soul". that's not prayer. :P

bulitas said...

nangengelam kang lordy ka.
oo na kaw na bespren ni jesus.

k. said...


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