somewhere from our shared universe, someone wishes he also possess the luck of ram mohammad thomas from vikas swarup’s novel q & a. this individual, whose crystal white tears have inked sheets and sheets of cloth into sets of black lakes, may have incomparable experiences to mr ram mohammad thomas, but he is destined to tread the darkest, rockiest, and steepest roads set by fate in the future.

like the main character from vikas swarup’s novel, this individual wishes to feel and find the luck within to help him get by the daily tests of life. this someone from somewhere in our shared universe has always been guided by common sense and the innate gift of courage that’s why he has been one of fate’s favorites. fate’s front banner for this person is: “more trials and tribulations more fun. lol.”

nobody knows if this individual will ever win the amount of 100,000,000 from whatever global currency, from any contest or from any gameshow, but it is certain that he will triumph, as long as he keeps his passion burning, as long as his love for that other someone remains and develops through time.

this person, who likes the q & a novel more than its movie adaption slumdog millionaire, believes in the power of someone’s willingness to survive- just will it and in one way or another, you can have it.

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