the wonders of lola’s run to various universe and realities

when fate and life seems to be fucking you hardcore, what can you do? should you just enjoy and let them fuck you all the way or should you resist and try to do things your way?

if only we could only do re-runs of our lives like lola, then life would have been more unfair. maybe a thousand times more unfair than how it works for you at the moment. methinks having the ability to do so will only make our lives and our existence more complicated.

if you have seen tom tykwer’s film, lola rennt (run lola run), then you’ll see how the possibility of doing re-runs of some scenes of our lives could bring drastic and/or fantastic effects not just on your life but also to the world and to the whole cosmos that is connected with you.

the special trick about lola doing re-runs of the chapters of her life is that she is completely aware of everything that has happened to her altering-the-elements-of-the-past, present and future adventures.
when she changes even the tiniest detail of what has happened before, everything else around her changes as well. the beggar becomes a millionaire, a woman experiences religious conversion, somebody died, etc.

the film presents how a single, tiny action affects the entire universe of our existence. the co-existence of alternate realities and parallel universes and our possibility of control over those realities and universes may seem like the answer to all of our problems, but if we take a step back and look at the bigger picture, we will see how this possibility could trap our life into the tangled webs of what-could –have-beens and what-might-have-beens.

things started to ignite when manni, lola’s boyfriend, lost the thousands of money in the subway because of lola’s failure to pick him up due to her stolen scooter. manni has to deliver the money to his criminal boss in 20 minutes or he will suffer the consequences of torture or death. lola needs to act quick and started to run, run, and run.

thanks to lola’s fueled persistence to save manni, she was able to meet him alive in one of her alternate realities.

isn’t it great to do things your way sometimes? to have control over all the action happening among life, fate and you, to be have the chance to achieve your goal in whichever alternate universe you may meet it? isn’t it cool to be like lola for a day?

according to a former college professor, since most things in our universe runs at a 90:10 proportion, 90 being the things that you can’t control and 10 being the only things that you can control, all you have to do is accept the fact of the situation and do something to enjoy the moment. because in doing so, you may have the chance to reverse the ratio and have things work your way.

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