may kasabihan nga tayo: pag evil ang ina mo...

wenn deramas’ ang tanging ina ninyong lahat is not just a wholesome family comedy movie filled with quotable modified filipino sayings, but it is also a satire relevant to the philippine society’s status quo.

ina montecillo’s (the mom president portrayed by ai ai de las alas) statement before she resigns to position caught me.

may kasabihan din tayo, mas maigi pang magbitiw ng maaga kaysa umabot ng dilim, dahil malas daw.
(we have a saying it is better to resign early before darkness catches you. it is bad luck.)
now that's the act of a true, noble mother of family and a country.

true. too much of something will do the country not just bad luck, but chaos.

ina montecillo also adds
ang pilipinas, maraming pwedeng maging nanay.
(the philippines can have many mothers)

the philippines had its mommy cory. now it is under mommy gloria. inang gloria.
and what a mommy this inang gloria is! (inang gloriang yan!)
read the news, inform yourself for chrissakes.
the pressing situations of our time should have taught most of us filipinos that not all mothers know what’s best for their children. there will always be evil mothers out there.

and kapag evil ang ina mo (if your mother is evil) what would you do?


may kasabihan tayo, ang mga taong magaling magpatawa ay puno ng kalungkutan.
ang pelikulang akala mo puro katatawanan lang, papaiyakin ka din pala.



wanderingcommuter said...

reading your post has this nostalgic thing in me. in a way, i remember myself writing a critic paper for my film class. hehehe

bulitas said...

thanks for reading sir!

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