smile! why watch watchmen?

-it is a visual masterpiece that will never disappoint the eyes. the movie looks great as its posters and trailers.

-although the movie was loyal to allan moore and dave gibbon’s graphic novel, it does not alienate those who haven’t read the book yet.

-despite certain notable differences from the actual book, fans who have read watchmen would agree how the director, zack snyder (director of 300) made it appear as if the comic book has come to life.

-since the movie remained faithful to the original comic book, expect a solid storyline.

-pehaps the pressure caused by allan moore’s disapproval of the movie adaptation of his comic book to director zack snyder has actually made the movie work. hell yeah, it does work; even better than i expected.

"perhaps it's been cursed from afar, from england," moore said last year. "and i can tell you that i will also be spitting venom all over it for months to come."

- watchmen is not an action movie. it is not a spiderman movie. no, it is nothing like superman and his friends fighting bad guys and triumphing over evil at the end. watchmen is a parody, a satire to all superheroes and to all of us who have dreamed of making this world a better place.

-sorry to spoil your expectations kids, but this movie is not as action packed as you think. it is filled with gore, violence, human failures, sex, regrets, childhood fantasies, superhero complex, choices, love and all the other elements that make us human.

-malin akerman as the silk spectre ii looks like a kick-ass natalie portman in latex

-it runs for almost 3hours but the movie never allowed boredom to seep into my system.

-jackie earle haley’s performance as rorschach is as haunting as his voice

-watchmen will not make you feel better like slumdog millionaire. it is a downer. it puts you in retrospection and places you in a position to reflect about you and the human race and that’s what makes it effective and powerful.

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wanderingcommuter said...

how come i am getting bad reviews froim friends? oh probably its actually who who said it?

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