freya going emo

bus windows cry as it pass and look at the familiar route to the valleys. it could have been the rain, or the fog of depression, or last midnight’s insomnia, or the embrace of the freezing wind, but it was certainly not because of the scarcity of love.

subway trains stop halfway on its journey downtown. operators dominate the emerging air of panic by announcing power failure- operations will resume shortly. after 30 seeminglythousandyears, the trains get back on track.

paul david hewson sings with or without you together with his band. they sing the same song non-stop during the 2-hour journey to work.

the news of the deaths of children caused by the tainted syrup in nigeria flashes every 10 seconds via the rss feed screensaver of the computer.

coraline’s exhibit featuring the actual props and models used in the movie is now open to the public at the universal studios but the biting cold keeps almost anyone from braving the rain.

the heavy downpour causes more bus and bedroom windows to cry.

shoes are soaked in the tears from the clouds.


. said...

Ang galing. So poetic.

lucas said...

you write with enough length and yet picture a scene so vivid it almost echoes in my head.

kudos :)

peripheralviews said...

Awww... I was caught off of my guard.


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