dear allison iraheta

your rendition of heart’s alone made me your instant fan. i know you’ll make it big someday. i hope i could take pictures of you someday here at the city of angels.

all the best to you.

may the universe bless and guide a talented creature like you.


The Gasoline Dude™ said...

Pareho sila ni Ramiele Malubay na "Natural Woman" 'yung audition piece, tapos kinanta din ni Ramiele 'yung "Alone". = D

lucas said...

i love her husky voice...

but she has this habit of exhaling too much air when singing.

did you notice that the word 'alone' sounded 'h-alone' and i sounded 'h-i'...i find it a little distracting but besides that she's really good. reminds me of kelly c.

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