the next beatitudes

blessed are the 51 year olds who can’t even defend themselves from the paws of power-maniac politicians for one day, all of the filthy-rich power-maniacs in the government will burn right on their spot. that will be hell’s vengeance on them for outstaging legit demons.

blessed are the 14 year olds who fight and defend their fathers despite being overpowered by the minions of power-hungry politicians for someday they will grow stronger than the brutes who beat the hell out of them and they can soon have their revenge.

for in the future, all we can do is keep the fire of hope burning, that incidents involving politicians beating up a kid and his old father will never happen again, and that justice might resurface itself again among the oppressed and the beaten.


wanderingcommuter said...

here. here. here!

i really feel bad for the both of them.

Anonymous said...

this is truly one of the most sickening issues i've ever come across. i feel so depressed that these events still keep happening in our country. at this point it seems impossible for us to remove those in power who are like this. should we lose hope? i've put off leaving for another country because of hope but this is really very very depressing

Yas Jayson said...

ahaha magaling. si miyur talaga pasaway!

magaling na pagsusulat. kudos!


Anonymous said...

rhymebud!! buhay pa pala bulitas! akala ko sa multiply ka nalang din :P

ako, starting again. haha!
new link din. update. update :D

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