the day the earth and my dad stood flat

if not for the eye candy that is jennifer connely, i'm sure my dad would have crafted a more-exciting version of scott derrickson's remake of the 1951 film, the day the earth stood still, on his sleep.

my bad. i never told him that the movie is not as action-packed as the matrix. keanu reeves do not always mean action dad, remember that. come on, mr reeves works his magic on screen when he acts bored, looks blank, and plays like a humanoid free of any emotion.

as expected, my dad said "ampangit!" ("ugly"- referring to the movie). the slow pace and the dark, almost desaturated tone of the movie compliment the wet and cold weather outside the cinema and i liked it. i love the movie's take on the fate and possible actions of mankind should apocalypse come.

reeves plays klaatu the humanoid alien whose mission is to save the planet earth from the species of men and women. he acts as the new noah, gathering as many species and organisms he can get through the alien orbs located all-over the planet that serves as the neo-ark. he comes in peace, that's what he said, but when his giant companion robot gort (genetically organized robotic technology) reacted violently against the paranoia of the humans, the government kept him under study, and from there, at the depths of the secret scientific labs of the government, he met dr. helen benson (jennifer connely) and the rest of their adventures hold the fate of humanity.

it's not really a movie to rave for, but it's a good one to kill time with your dad. somehow it can make you think of the what ifs and hows if ever superpowered aliens suddenly attack and take over the earth. what a bonding experience for me and my dad. lol

-jennifer connely is still hot at 36

-didn't i say that i hate how keanu reeves effortlessly pulls off the characters he play by simply appearing bland and flat?

-don't you just envy mr reeves? he gets the roles with the coolest superpowers like neo from the matrix and now klaatu the alien who has powers a la kyle xy.

-i love how the movie questions the possibility of change for us humans. can we really change if we want to? or we only change if we are in the brink of a pressing situation like destruction or extinction?

-why do humans continue to fight and stand still despite the knowledge of their inevitable defeat or demise? hope and love.


Anonymous said...

cool movie

Anonymous said...

still hot at 36? parang ako ba? lol!

Unknown said...

I watched this movie. Although, the pacing of the movie, is i think poor, the movie's message about "change" is very good. It's true that if the people won't change, our future is in danger.

By the way, I'm MOn. Thanx for the chance to comment. =)

bulitas said...

@rahullara2: yeah

@manilenya: oo naman! hapinuyir!

@mon: no prob. hapinuyir!

Dabo said...

ewan..gusto ko yung movie.. kasi sa humanistic side nya that life is always a choice.. and the people (well in this case the alien) change at the tipping point, regardless of the outcome

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