UPCAT the movie: UP or Nothing?

almost six years have passed but i can still remember how a certain call from UP (university of the philippines) that declared and confirmed my admission to the university has changed the course of my life.

because of the shock and sudden disbelief, the caller reiterated a couple of times that i actually passed upcat, (the university of the philippines college admission test) and instructed me of the steps to follow for registration and enrollment.

back then, the feeling was more ecstatic than having a brand new unit of the playstation, even more orgasmic than your fist adolescent kiss. i have to admit it was one of the proudest moments of my life. from my highschool batch who took the upcat, only 4 of us made it to the list. i am the only UP qualifier and graduate from our family and neighbor clans.
it's not that big a deal, actually. but during that time, passing the upcat, and being given the privilege to study in UP was a big deal for my family.

and so i spent four years of my life in elbi (university of the philippines at los baños) where i experienced a huge change in almost every aspect of my life. yes, upcat, up, elbi- it brought changes to my life. i love elbi. period.

and then i saw this indie movie trailer across the internet. it presents us a pre-upcat view of the lives of the characters who may have a common belief that
pasisng the upcat could be the ticket to reach their various goals in their lives. UP or nothing?- that's the movie's tagline. the trailer seems interesting enough. aside from the elbi backdrop, the promising plot and the theme song used (which i believe was from raimund marasigan of sandwich), i do have a gut feeling that this film is worth watching.

UPCAT the movie is one of the grantees of cinema one originals.
the movie will run at robinson's galleria’s indiesine theatre (cinema 8)
on Dec 3-16 2008.

UPCAT the Movie

World Premiere
November 20, 2008, Thursday
Cine Adarna Theater, UP Film Center

2008 Cinema One Originals Film Festival
December 3 to 9, 2008
Robinson’s Galleria Indiesine

the movie features

malou crisologo
richard quan
mark gil
bembol roco
joseph roble
yas neri and
felix roco

written by: alfred reyes and inna salazar

produced by joselle acuña

film by roman carlo olivarez

kudos and more power to the whole production team!


lucas said...

this is bloody cool.

pangarap ko din makapasok ng UP. iba kasi ang dating kapag narinig mo yung pangalan ng school. very prestigious at ang kailangan talaga magaling ka :) pero hindi ako kumuha ng UPCAT kasi may scholarship ako dun sa school kung saan ako grumaduate :)

so sa elbi la pala. marami akong kakilala na dun din nagaaral :)

galing.. sana mapanood ko :)

Ate Sienna said...

hmmm.. interesting.

pumasa ako ng UPCAT at sa elbi ako pinapapasok. Unfortunately, ayaw ni inang na mawalay ako. at baka raw maging radikal akong masyado. ayun... sa USTe ako napunta.

bulitas said...


Astig, scholar ka pala dati!

Talaga? anong batch? baka kilala ko din sila.

@ate sienna: Wow! Astig po! Panalo din sa USTe. Ako naman ay nag-elbi para mapalayo sa bahay. hehe

Anonymous said...

But of course passing the UPCAT does not gurantee anything. A large part still lies on skill and determination.

Anonymous said...

UPCAT the Movie

World Premiere
November 20, 2008, Thursday
Cine Adarna Theater, UP Film Center

2008 Cinema One Originals Film Festival
December 3 to 9, 2008
Robinson's Galleria Indiesine

Anonymous said...

i remember, when i took the UPCAT..ang saya..haha

hopefully mapanuod ko ung film..

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