i never bothered to wake her up when september ends.
i never did.

because i knew that when she sleeps, she sleeps with god.

i almost gave up the tiniest spark of hope that she will ever wake up and recognize me among the oceans of faces waiting for her return. i almost fell asleep waiting for her words to make love with mine. i almost fell on the brink of thinking that she might have embarked on an eternal journey with morpheus and will never return again. i almost thought i lost her, not until i heard her voice again.

it felt like our last conversation just happened yesterday when in fact it happened months and months ago that seemed ages ago to me.

she said “hi!”

and that, for me, was enough reason to rekindle the fire of hope and wake up to move forward and face the day.


wanderingcommuter said...


hope everything is okay...

lucas said...

you're a very prolific with your writing. i have to admit, it's not lengthy but every word brings a pull to my heartstrings... missing someone is a sweet misery, indeed :)

peace out :)


off the record, the voting is now open for the e[kwento]mo: emo writing contest. i almost forgot that i passed an entry—lamentations of a withered tin can. if you liked it, don’t hesitate to drop by this site and vote. voting will proceed until october 17 (friday). there are 15 entries from 15 aspiring emo bloggers. so if you have time, it would be nice if you check us out :)

bulitas said...

@wanderingcommuter: everything is fine now. =)

@roneiluke: alright. i'll check yer entry. all the best! apir!

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