a lesson behind the spectacle of the 2008 beijing olympics opening ceremony

photo from Doug Mills/The New York Times

if there is one great thing that the latest olympic opening ceremony has proven to the modern world, it is the fact that man's reach truly exceeds his imagination. the spectacular presentation of the opening ceremony directed by famous film director, zhang yimou, whose films were once banned in China, tells the world to dream big and to make it happen. everything is possible. with today's technological advancements coupled with the talents, the discipline and the diverse cultures of the people, a grand show like the 2008 beijing summer olmpics opening ceremony is possible.

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lucas said...

hays..i was able to watch the live telecast of the opening ceremonies last night and it just blew me away! the ancient culture of china and the future collided in one single event! i was blown away! brilliant!

superboi said...

Balang araw, makakagawa din ako ng ganyan ka bonggang prod. shet they're so great.

china rules the world. =)


kuhain mo. =)

Straycat260 said...

Nakakahulat talaga yung opening. Parang fantasy na madalas mapanuod mo lang sa mga nagawang cartoons ng waltdisney. Kung sabagay 8 years in the making ata ang humigit kumulang na isang oras na produksyon.

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