you, cholera

you are gabriel garcia marquez’s love in the time of cholera on screen.

you are the story better preserved in the pages of a novel.

you are magic realism lost among the frames of the film.

you are poetry that vanishes each time an actor speaks.

you are the motion in the screen that entices the eye but leaves the soul hanging.

you are the voice muted by the setting and the props.

you are shakira’s music that compensates for the lack of magic.

you are the story, but you are incomplete.

you are the movie, you entertain, but you are boring.

you are an ambitious illusion


wanderingcommuter said...

by the time i read the first line... i knew it would end up with something boring as portrayed by the movie. and i AM correct.

nice analogy...hehehe

detoxprincess said...

Your words reminded me of Sylvia Plath's poem "You're". The image are captured by snapshots possibly of one's framed memory..



Anonymous said...

aw as usual, panget ang mga movie na galing sa nobela.


Anonymous said...

Neither have I read Marquez's Love in the Time of Cholera nor watched its movie version. Maybe, I just can't appreciate Marquez's style.

bulitas said...

@wandering commuter: =)

@detoxprincess: apir!

@mentholguy: ndi naman lahat. there are just certain elements that are taken for granted when the text are being brought to the big screen

@christian: I, on the oterhand love marquez's style that's why when certain elements of magic and poetry were lost in the film, i felt devastated.

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