the rain of today

i am doing one hell of a typing job earlier when i hear the pouring of the rain outside. i glance at the circular glass window and i see the dark, gloomy and hazy atmosphere outside. i know it is raining. i can almost smell the vapors of the earth entering the pores of the room (it’s the one that you usually smell after the rain pours on a very hot piece of land or when the sun shines hot over the wet earth). i swear i can see the drizzles of rainwater outside. add to that the fact that i hear the familiar sound of raindrops hitting the hard surfaces of the earth.

the rain starts to make me feel better and lighter. the effect is different today. before, the whole atmosphere of the rain puts me in a minor mode of sadness and depression. maybe it is all because of all the media and pop hype about the rain being emo and all. but i admit, sadness would always creep in whenever it rains. but as i said, today’s rain is different. somehow it triggers the happy-nerves of my body that helps light up my positive aura.

then i start imagining all the dirt, and grime, and trash outside being washed by the rainwater. the feeling of elation is at hand.

so after feeling the entire positive aura all over me, i decide to check on the rain outside. i choose to look at the bigger and clearer window near the staircase at the warehouse. and lo and behold! the land is still dry as yesterday, beaten by the perky sun and this week’s heat-wave. there was not even a single evidence of rain outside. dear lord, i am seeing and hearing and imagining things.

i wonder where the hell the sound of the rain came from. then i see the culprit-the electric fan, standing on one end of the room, creating those rain-like drizzling sound all over the place. it makes me smile though, imagining the rain and all and being happy by just the mere thought of it. maybe that’s why today’s rain makes me happy.

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Hi there nice post I like your writing style :-)

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