UP@100: Capturing 100 UP Moments

i got this announcement from the menthol guy who is also one of the organizers of this activity.
so this is an invitation for everyone in up and who has been a part of the university over the years.

read below:

(the following is repost from other bloggers)

Along with a group of UP bloggers, we have come up with a special project for the UP Centennial Month this coming June. It’s called “UP@100: Capturing 100 UP Moments“ -

It is a Music Video Project which will compile 100 photos and videos from participants consisting UP alumni and students. It aims to capture 100 unique UP moments from 100 different points of view in the past 100 years of the University’s existence.We are inviting YOU to join us in this endeavor.Mechanics:

How to submit an entry

I. Who can participate:

1. Any University of the Philippines alumni.
2. Any University of the Philippines student.

II. How to submit your photo or video:

1. A participant can submit at most two pictures of himself/herself (alone or otherwise) taken in UP or during a UP event OR a 15-sec video of the participant taken in UP or during a UP event.
2. Each entry should have the the following information:
* Name
* Student Number
* Degree and Course
* Two to five words describing the event (include the year the photo/video was taken)
* If it’s a group photo, please indicate your position in the picture.

3. Entries could be submitted by doing at least one of the following:
* Sending them with file (photo/video) attachments to up100[at]googlegroups[dot]com or utakgago[at]yahoo[dot]com.

* Posting the photos on their blogs and leaving the URL as a comment on this official UP@100 post.
* Uploading the video on a file sharing site and leaving the download link as a comment on this official UP@100 post.

4. Only ONE of the entries submitted per participant will be selected.

5. The deadline for submissions is on June 19, 2008. A day after the UP Centennial Anniversary (so that photos from the centennial celebration could be included).

6. The launch of the video will be on June 26, 2008 on all the organizers’ blogs.

7. A microsite will be created for the project where all (part of the 100 or not) the submitted photos & videos will be posted in sync with the video launch.

Here are more UP@100 coordinators: Coy, Juned, Benj, Fritz, Ederic, Kevin, Karla and AJ.

We are very excited in this project and I hope many of you can join! Looking forward to your great UP moments! :)

DISCLAIMER: The UP@100 Project is in no way related or connected to the official Centennial Activities of the University of the Philippines. This is a volunteer effort and project by several UP students and alumni.

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Dakilang Tambay said...

bakit ba hindi ko naisipanpan na mag UP dami.. hehehe

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