i should have sealed the day with a kiss and told you, that despite the lack of fireworks that will send bright sparks to the atmosphere, i am really thankful that you decided to meet me and spend the whole day with me.

i should have hugged you tighter. no, i should have hugged you the whole day just to make you feel how much i’ve missed you.

i should have bought you the disney grumpy hat that you like. i should have bought while you were trying some other hats and then surprise you afterwards.

i should have brought you flowers, not just a bunch of ripped movies burned in dvds.

i should have held you hand when you told me that you’re feeling cold instead of holding the camera to take snaps of mickey and his friends.

i should have told you that the joy i felt last night was more than therapeutic to the stress of the mind that it surpassed all the blows of physical pain in my legs after the whole day walk at the park. it was almost spiritual for me.

i should have told you that i’d love to hear more of your stories and that i am more than willing to listen without any judgment at all.

i should have told you that you were prettier than before.

i should have told you that it was the most magical day of my life yet. dreams really do come true in that place. i should have told you that i’ve had dreams of meeting you; dreams of spending time with you, dreams of sharing stories with you and dreams of laughing with you.

i should have been braver to kiss my fears and apprehensions goodbye, so that next time memories would not require the colorful sparks of fireworks to brighten up the atmosphere.

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