hiatus from flight

my descent to the city of angels brought me face to face with angels of various colors. there are the white angels, those who would always appear pure as they grace the streets with their light; the yellow angels, who shines with gold in their skin; the black angels, who are often feared because of their association with the shadows, but are really sensitive and compassionate; the brown angels, who usually populate the streets, plus more other angels of various hues and colors born out of the evolution of the city.

each angel is busy roaming around the city. most of them going in circles, forming inner circles with the other angels, creating ripples of paths for all of them to cross as they walk along the boulevards of the city of make believe. most of them carry their wings as if it is a burden attached to their body. it was as if all the freedom that it once gave them became futile as they landed on the city for refuge.

in the city of angels, everyone is chasing and hiding away from time, everybody seems to be looking for someone, and everybody is longing for some place to belong. though some angels here have learned to create their niche and some have even vowed to clip their wings, the city will always be just a resting place. an area where angels of various cultures and traditions meet and interact with each other to find comfort, to earn fortune, to breathe change and to wander around.

not all angels who wander in the city are lost.

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