today i officially declare the bathroom as my sanctuary.

each crevice that cradles the molds and the mildews shares a space with my secrets, my washed away depressions, my daydreams, and my hopes.

my daily bath session is a ritual not just to rinse my body, but to cleanse my soul as well. the downpour from the shower never fails to provide a rhythm that puts you in a state of elation where everything is possible. it is always a sacred moment where i get to meet the muses and bathe with them in the sea of ideas and visions. each act of rubbing and scrubbing of the skin not only clears the clogged pores but also breathes a new atmosphere of peace that fills the mind.

i always enjoy the pleasures of spilling the juices of my secrets, my passion, my rants, and my raves inside my sanctuary. it is always an easy route to a split-second of ecstasy where there is a force of neither repression nor apprehension present. i love how i can pour tears, sweat, piss, cum, sweat, words and dreams to the bathroom walls and floor without the slightest fear of being judged.

shower is my daily fifteen minutes of peace.
i considered that light feeling of being stripped of my masks as a privilege i can only get from the solemn solitary confines of my sanctuary.


Anonymous said...

this was a quite a nicely written entry :)

Jaja said...

i like this entry too--very nicely written!

i like the whole vibe of this entry, plus the photo rocks!i wonder if that seat really is your toilet bowl--it looks, ahm, different!hehehe

Virginia said...

ang drama mo naman mag-shower! :D

Unknown said...

I quite agree! My bathroom time is quite a personal period. Especially since I haven't actually shared it with anyone else so far in my life, hehe.

Some of my better ideas actually come up when I am in the bathroom. Masarap mag-muni-muni dun eh, ke naliligo o jumejebs. Kaya kapag nakapagpagawa na ako ng sarili kong bahay, gusto ko serene ang design ng banyo ko.

sundar said...

Hi..Came across your blog and found it to be very interesting..I have added it to my list of favourites..Kindly reciprocate and give a link bacck to three of my blogs..

bulitas said...

@bikoy: thanks sir!

@jaja: =)

nah. the bowl is not my seat. hehe. it's taken from the ruins of an old building in laguna, philippines

@virginia: haha. di naman.

@kingofchocolates: yeah. sa banyo, may kapayapaan. hehe.

p said...

Amen. :)

Bryan Anthony the First said...

ala kaba video ng isa sa mga shower scenes mo?


lovely prose po


btw add kita ha

kalansaycollector said...

cool photo!

well iba nga kapag nasa banyo ka...

habang tinatapon mo ang dumi sabay pasok naman ng magagandang ideya...

uy salamat sa pagbisita. sa uulitin. hehe

bulitas said...

@paolo mendoza: apir!

@bryan anthony the first: haha. ala eh. di ko dinodokyu ang mga shower scenes ko.
salamat sa pag-add

@kalansaycollector: thanks!
salamat din sa pagbisita!

Anonymous said...

are you willing
to shower with me?

share your secrets--

bulitas said...

@xienah: hmm. lemme think bout that.
pwede! sa labas tau magsa-shower! hehe

jamie said...

haha.. cute nung pic :P

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