the expense of space

regardless of whatever thousand reasons you may have to move out, it will always be expensive. trust me, add five more years to my life and i will be a veteran in moving out. since birth, i have lived on 15 houses (apartments and dormitories included) and will be living on a new space anytime soon.

it has never been easy for me from the start. there’s so much packing, unpacking, repacking, throwing, cutting, shredding, and weighing of relationships, emotions, attachments, friendships, memories, toys, books, clothes and other major necessities that you have. but as we do the packing, unpacking, repacking, throwing, cutting, shredding, and weighing more often, i have taught myself to get used with it and eventually bring nothing but the essentials on each place i go.

aside from the resource slashing bills to pay, you have to develop a keen sense of socialization and adaptation to the diverse culture, ethnicity, ideologies and beliefs of the community around you. it requires much effort to be a chameleon while moving out in the various jungles of life. you have to be a mutated chameleon with the eyes of an eagle, the claws of a lion, and the charm of a peacock.

having a new space means you having a new place to conquer, a new realm to explore, and a new dimension to influence. i always find it exciting to move out, simply because i view it as one way of moving on. moving out in a new space takes you out of your usual comfort zone and places you in an unfamiliar road for you to travel. what happens next is all dependent on your choices and actions.

i still look forward to that day when i could have my own space, free from the shackles of any rules, ideologies, responsibilities and obligations. i know i have more places to go. i still have high hopes of setting my foot around the globe before i rest on the day of my death.


Anonymous said...

i want to have a new home
not just any other place

a home with my own family
shucks im cheesy

bulitas said...


cheese-silog ka naaaa!

karmimay said...

m still living with my parents, and i haven't even thought of moving out. hehehe. i love having somebody taking care of me. ^_^

but i know sooner or later, i'll be moving out, so i think that would be exciting. hmmm.. not really, hahaha..


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