your words

words are nothing but arbitrary collection of signs and symbols weaved by the author to create a composition that will be given life by the interpretation of the audience. you as the author can craft your words into a door that will lead your audience to a new realm of experience. you can create spears that could hit the towering egos of people; you can create walls to defend yourself from the assaults of detractors and you can create a new world with your own set of ideals and morals to escape the norms imposed by the society.

you as the master of your words have infinite possibilities of creation. sometimes, you unconsciously create sets of mirrors that shock your audience upon seeing the faces of their realities in it. the layered sets of meanings in your composition formed a powerful creation that not only bruised the pride of your audience, but also threatened the comforts of their ego. most of the time, the shocked audience who brought life and meaning to your words retaliate by throwing you small arrows of empty threats and hollow stones of curses. they will never cease until they see your creation shattered in pieces. this type of audience failed to understand that even the shattered pieces of a mirror still reflect parts of the realities that they do not want to see and accept.

the audience who denied seeing fragments of his/her realities in your creation would start a word war against you. better keep your guard. their words would only come to life if you would bring meaning to it. their empty threats would turn into fear that would blanket your system if you would allow it to happen.

the air of guilt and the fragments of truths they saw on the mirror of your creation motivated them to design their own spears, walls and worlds of words to counter you. but you as the master of words know that words would remain arbitrary signs and symbols if you will not breathe a life of meaning to it.

never pity those audience who throw you their spears, arrows and stones of words. your intentions will always fall under the mesh of the subjectivity present in the universe. thank them for they give life and interpretations to your creation. thank them for their time in weaving their own set of values, ideologies and morals to your creation. thank them for sharing their fare share of words to your paradigm. thank them for adding more layers of meaning to your creation. thank them.

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