despite the incessant blows of the wind on our skin, my high school friends and i braved the road to the mt carmel church to visit the wake of the husband of our former teacher.
reminiscing our common experiences in high school while shielding ourselves from the rain felt weird as we approached the church. the security guard of the vicinity directed us to the dim-lit corridors of the church where the wake of the dead were usually placed. as the downpour of the rain calmed outside, the biting chills of the air embraced us as we came near the area. the snippets of our high school experiences made us warm through sporadic giggles and laughs. i tried hard to veer away from the funny memories to keep me from laughing and to pay respect to the gloomy ambience. finally, we arrived at the place. but contrary to what we’ve expected, the place was empty of mourning people in black. the only sound that broke the silence was the chirping of the birds nesting on the pillars near the roof. for a while we were puzzled if mr kong (the deceased husband of our former teacher) really died and was placed on the church, only to find out from the caretaker that the corpse was moved to quezon province days ago.
please vote for my friends at the globe kantabataan competition.
do vote for the ephrot act band with their song entry "ah kei" by typing an sms of the following:
vote KANTASL4 kb33 then send it to 2338.

the band composed and performed makibaka, the official theme of the up los baƱos february fair this year.


ikay the dancer said...

ammmf. kamusta naman un diba. buti ndi ka natakot dun sa place. for me ang creepy kasi dun. hehe

Anonymous said...

how i wish i can vote for the band. im outside the country kxe e. but i can pray for their success ;)

bulitas said...

@ ikay: yeah. creepy dun. pero yung fact na tinakbuhan kami ng bangkay makes the experience funny. haha

@ jackie: aww. thanks mucho for teh prayers!

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