(russian state big academic chorus playing on the background)

father starts his early morning homily in black boxers:

thou shall not act like a glutton, fasting is encouraged

thou shall not carry heavy tasks for the lord is dead

thou shall not be vain

thou shall not take a bath after 3pm, the holy hour

thou shall not speak of evil

you hear the chants of your home economics teacher way back in highschool on a sudden flashback that played on your mind as you smell the steam coming from your mother’s soot-coloured squid soup.

hel meri full of grace di lurd is wed yu…”

you suddenly recalled the choppy prayers of the child sitting beside you in the church last palm sunday

“hail- mary full of grace the lord… is medium…amen.”

your sister leaves her barbie doll sets scattered across the floor where stacked boxes of packed clothes and kitchen wares are resting.

mother yells out for meal.

father orders his family to go to mass.

sister sets the table and breaks a plate.

father opens the tv after meal.

“si kristo ay gunitain, sarili ay inhain…
hanggang sa siya’s lumaki…hangggang sa siya’y lumaki.”

sings your sister.

mother emerges from the bathroom drying her jet black hair.

father cuts his fingernails during the mass as convent nuns sing their hymns of praise.

sister takes a bath on 4 pm.

mother brings home glasses of chowking halohalo grande and kfc chicken meals.

you see the valiance of leonidas against the army of the golden xerxes.

you meet with a high school friend at country style where you find yourself caught between the conflicts of her romantic relationship with her boyfriend.

next scene you find yourself draining your bladder drums when a six-footer guy wearing a huge polo stand beside you and offered you an indecent proposal.

father cooks *laing for dinner.

sister silently cusses over dinner.

you eat the remaining squid soup for the day.

mother washes the dishes.

* laing: a delicacy of the bicol region where gabi leaves and roots were cooked with
gata (coconut milk) and spices.


Jhed said...

OMG! Irvin, how indecent was the proposal? Haha!

It's funny noh, how some people are so mabait during Holy Week. Like my father for instance, he never spoke a word last Good Friday. He's afraid that he may say something evil.

Me? Aba, sinamantala ko ang pagkakataon hangga't tahimik siya. Haha!

Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

If I could recall, Jhed was a six-footer. Hihihihih.

I doubt about my father's religion. He never attends the mass, when in fact, ako - halos araw-araw nang kumanta sa simbahan.

Happy Easter.

Well, are prayers still effective even if there are mispronounciations in it?

miz tamtam said...

quite funny but very classic and i miss it.

Happy Easter and God bless.

have a great Week^^

bulitas said...

@ jhed: oh my. trust, you don't want to know.

and on the case of people's sudden transformations and repentance during the holy week, it just doe not apply inside our house's premises. =)

@ moses: LOLs! really jhed?! haha

happy easter to u too!

hmm. i think mispronunciations in prayers does not matter taht much to god. whatever. i mean, it all depends on the intention of the prayer and the person who prays. =)

@ miztakumi: hope u had a great easter! =)

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