he thought it was the sickness of the restless. he believed that his constant moving and walking around the campus was the cure to his on and off fever. he found it unusual that each time he would sit down and relax, his body temperature would rise and fever would start to dominate his system.
after hours of arguments and discourse, his friends finally convinced him to have himself checked-up on the nearby infirmary. he was never a fan of the campus’ infirmary. the first time he went there was three years ago when he had his check up as a freshman. together with his ex-girlfriend, he traced the white-washed walls of the university hospital. for an hour, he waited in line for check-up, but to his misfortune, there was no doctor available. the infirmary is a thirty minute walk hospital located at the upper campus, which requires a slight hike whether you travel by foot or by any vehicle.
after wasting his remaining energy for that day, he has proven the claim that the infirmary was indeed an “infir-matay.” if ever he had a more serious illness, he could have died there on the spot.

as his body was attacked one by one by muscle pains and weakness, sore throat, colds, fever, cough, and swollen gums, his mind was in war with paranoia of graduating on time, last song syndrome of boom-tarat, failure to purchase any shoe at the converse sale in alabang and with incessant nags of his father regarding his sickness.

since childhood, he has wondered about the irony of being scolded and nagged while he was under the state of sickness. his father would always tell him about not taking care of himself, being irresponsible, and being inconsiderate to his family, but he would resent those claims for he knew that he was doing something to cure his malady.

ways that he has tried so far to treat his sickness:

2 bowls of lucky me instant mami (chicken flavor) – yes, this noodle soup does wonders on him
big bang and cloud 9- to induce his happy hormones
mango flavored ice cream- to be happy and fell satisfied as well
double longganisa with egg & jumbo cheesy bacon with cheese from burger machine- being full makes one free from sickness (somehow)
toridon from eat sumo
more alaxan
another round of biogesic
salt gargle in lukewarm water
pure calamansi juice
glasses of water
more salt gargle
more biogesic
egg yolk soaked in calamansi juice
cbc blood platelet count
medicines that sounds like anthrax-narvax, etc.
bed rest
water, water and more water
another round of lucky me

finally, first semester of ay 2006-2007 was officially over.


Anonymous said...

natawa naman ako bigla.. seryoso na eh. na lss ka pa kasi sa boom-tarat! hehe.may sakit nang lahat kumakanta pa ng boom-tarat! hehe.

at pati ang shoe sale ha ayaw palampasin!


tumatakaw ka pala kapag may sakit!

Anonymous said...

isko ka rin pala! hehe.. buti na lang isang beses pa lang ako nakaexperience ng 'infer-matay' at nung freshie pa nga ako nun. haha.

may sakit ka? ako rin! huhu.. paggaling tayo!

Anonymous said...

This has been most effective for me during the flu: PERSPIRE. A lot, a whole freaking lot. Plus the soups and plenty of water.

IE's blog is giving me error 404, but it's okay since yours is almost the same flavor. Or theme. Or writing style. Yeah, that's more like it.

Cheers bulitz!

Anonymous said...

Just go visit the goddamn doc. Hello? Sheesh.

Anyhoo, congrats for surviving the semester!

Anonymous said...

hahaha.. ayos yan ang mga tips for getting better.. :p stress is just part of life.. relax and fine calm place..

Anonymous said...

hey hey.. pwede rin FRESS or FATRESS.. hahahhaha.. wula lng.. ^_^

Lin said...

get an adequate sleep.
eat loads of nutritious foods.
date yourself once a week.


bulitas said...

@ rob: nakaka-LSS namna kasi talaga. demet. yeah. haha. i tend to eat more when i'm sick. =)

@ still:fortunately, magaling na ako ngayon. salamats. sana magaling ka na din. =)

@ momel:i don't know what's up with ie's blog lately. =) thanks for the drop momel.

@ tala:i already did. watch yer nerves. =) thanks. chill.

@ jeniffer: =) yeah.

@ manic-psycho: hehe. =)

@ lin: yeah i will. thanks. =)

Anonymous said...

try hard gabriel garcia marquez

Anonymous said...

kaya mo yan, kapag naka-adopt na ang katawan mo sa ganyang kalagayan, di mo na papansinin yan. just take a lot of vitamins and sleep more

Anonymous said...

ako pala yang anonymous na iyan ;p

Anonymous said...

"try hard gabriel garcia marquez"
-paano mo namn nasabi? =)

Jot Abordo said...

takot ako magkasakit..kung ano anong ritual ginagawa ko para wag lang matuloy...inom marami tubig..todo tulog...todo inom gamot..hehehe..

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